About Us

The decision of pursue higher education is a big one. It can determine your future, your career path, your friends and spiritual life.  Making the decision of what to study is already a complicated matter, even more deciding where to study and the way to pay for your education.

On the other hand, The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates a large and well-structured educational system that covers a great amount of career paths with a diversity of price tags and opportunities for education around the world, while at the same time offering a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education aimed at transforming lives for eternity.

Nevertheless, regardless of the important contribution of the Seventh-day Adventist church towards higher education, this impressive educational network, the diversity of its offerings and its strengths are largely unknown to every church member or the public, hence it is often not the first choice for those seeking higher education. Therefore, there are many individuals who lose the financial, mental and spiritual benefits of receiving an education of high standards and Christian values.

“AdventistUniversities.com” seeks to centralize the information about Seventh-day Adventist operated institutions of higher education worldwide, and promote their offerings. The project has been designed to gather details about every adventist institution of higher education to promote adventist universities and colleges for the benefit of the Adventist community and society in general.

The portal aims to become the largest source of information about Adventist Universities and Colleges worldwide, giving users a view of the church’s vast educational reach, its options and opportunities.

Our method of work


Develop an interactive web-based service to deliver reliable, and free information about educational options in Adventist Institutions worldwide.


We work to promote Adventist Colleges and Universities around the world through the distribution of posters and promotional materials in churches and schools around the world. As well as through our social networks and online presence.

Adventist Universities and Colleges may also take advantage of our network to promote their degrees and programs. AdventistUniversiteis.com provides free lead generation to all adventist universities and colleges, as well as special features for featured  intitutions, advertisers and partners.

Be part of our project.

We welcome your support in the form of advertisements, or becoming a features institution or partner. We offer a diver and affordable package for a mutually beneficial relationship.

For more details please contact us at info@adventistuniversities.com