List of Universities

List of Adventist Universities in Asia.

Adventist Universities in Asia are located amng the following countries:

Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malasya, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar among others.

Search and explore our list of adventist universities and colleges in asian countries.

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    South Philippine Adventist College

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    Pakistan Adventist Seminary and College

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    Vellore Adventist College of Education

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    Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College

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    Rusangu University

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    Adventist College Of Nursing and Health Sciences

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    Adventist University of the Philippines

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    Taiwan Adventist College

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    Sahmyook University

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    Northern Luzon Adventist College

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    Mountain View College

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    Naga View Adventist College

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    Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary

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    Universitas Klabat

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    Northeast Adventist College

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    Roorkee Adventist Community College

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    Spicer Adventist University

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    Universitas Advent Indonesia

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    Bangladesh Adventist Seminary and College

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    Manila Adventist Medical Center and Colleges

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    Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

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    Central Philippine Adventist College

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    Saniku Gakuin College

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    Sahmyook Bogeon Daehak

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    Lowry Adventist College

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    Flaiz Adventist College

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    METAS of Seventh-day Adventist College

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    Hong Kong Adventist College

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    Asia-Pacific International University