List of Universities

List of Adventist Universities in Asia.

Adventist Universities in Asia are located amng the following countries:

Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malasya, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar among others.

Search and explore our list of adventist universities and colleges in asian countries.

    South Philippine Adventist College

    Pakistan Adventist Seminary and College

    Vellore Adventist College of Education

    Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College

    Rusangu University

    Adventist College Of Nursing and Health Sciences

    Adventist University of the Philippines

    Taiwan Adventist College

    Sahmyook University

    Mountain View College

    Northern Luzon Adventist College

    Naga View Adventist College

    Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary

    Universitas Klabat

    Northeast Adventist College

    Roorkee Adventist Community College

    Spicer Adventist University

    Universitas Advent Indonesia

    Bangladesh Adventist Seminary and College

    Manila Adventist Medical Center and Colleges

    Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

    Central Philippine Adventist College

    Saniku Gakuin College

    Sahmyook Bogeon Daehak

    Lowry Adventist College

    METAS of Seventh-day Adventist College

    Flaiz Adventist College

    Hong Kong Adventist College

    Asia-Pacific International University